SIP Trunks

SIP trunk is one of the IT terms that doesn’t seem to have quite made it into general circulation yet. SIP trunks are the highway IP systems use to transport their phone traffic. You can think of a SIP trunk as a virtual phone line that travels over the internet....
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We get a lot of questions about what VOIP actually is. A lot of times people put a spin on it. You’ll love it. You’ll hate it. It makes everything better. It’s the end of the world. Below, you will find our unvarnished answers to the questions we most frequently...
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RCI is an established business technology company with thousands of customers and almost 40 years of experience. We work in telecommunications, surveillance, servers and networks, cabling and customized solutions. With all that work under our belts we thought is was time to share some insights here on the web. In...
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