workers using phones for field technicians

Phones for Field Technicians

At RCI, during our busiest weeks, our office is mostly empty. The techs are in the field installing cameras and telephone systems, reprogramming phones for new users, running cable, or giving IT support to the people who need it where they need it. So, we deeply understand the need for phones for field technicians. As […]

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IT subcontractors are larger companies boots on the ground

IT Subcontractors for SW Virginia

We all need a little help sometimes. It doesn’t matter how big you get; you can’t go it alone. For most businesses, that means hiring specialists for the areas where they’re not the experts, such as landscaping or IT support. And for the big technology companies with National or global footprints, that means hiring IT […]

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HIPAA guidelines are one way RCI provide IT support for the medical industry

IT Support for the Medical Industry

RCI has hundreds of clients in nearly as many industries across Virginia and the surrounding states. And while every workplace is unique, there are certain features that particular sectors strongly tend to use more often. Here’s how we provide IT support for the medical industry. It Support For The Medical Industry: The Usual, With Some […]

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