workers using phones for field technicians

Phones for Field Technicians

At RCI, during our busiest weeks, our office is mostly empty. The techs are in the field installing cameras and telephone systems, reprogramming phones for new users, running cable, or giving IT support to the people who need it where they need it. So, we deeply understand the need for phones for field technicians. As […]

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Getting the technology you need can feel like searching your phone with a magnifying glass

Getting the Technology You Need (without What You Don’t)

Getting the Technology You Need (and Avoiding Killer Robots, etc.) Science fiction has an entire (arguably dominant) subgenre of stories about technology that has gone too far.  Think Terminator, Blade Runner and most recently, Severance. Severance follows the story of employees at a fictional corporation who have had their work self “severed” from their home […]

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