The Importance of Effective Communication in Your Business

Can you hear me now?

Effective communication is undoubtedly an important part of everyday life, especially in a business setting. Some would refer to the ability to communicate as an art in itself. One must do so in a way that gets all information across, leaves no uncertainty, and makes for no wasted time. When you’re going about tasks at work, it’s crucial that you are able to easily get ahold of somebody else in the building so you can talk when you need to and say what you need to with no added confusion. The same goes for customers whether they’re calling you or you’re reaching out to them.

Neither of you want your time to be wasted.

Communication Within Your Company

With an ESI phone system sold by RCI, communication within your company becomes seamless. Whether you’re wanting to talk to somebody across the hall, across departments, at a different branch, or while on the go, RCI will enable you to do so with no headache. All ESI systems give users a wide array of customization options so their individual phones work to their specification and allow them to communicate quickly – much like how people enjoy the ability to customize their smartphones. People tend to have their apps ordered in a way that allows for easy access to their most used. You want to be able to communicate with the people in your smartphone at the touch of a button. The same ease of communication can be experienced at work on an ESI phone. Plus, many of the features enjoyed by large companies are available to companies of any size when they choose ESI. That way, your call can be fast and clear no matter what size your business is.

It’s also worth noting the mobile app available with ESI phones. The app connects with your office phone and lets you take business calls from anywhere. It also allows you to hear voice mails, see company contacts, and record calls, among other features. With the level of performance and sound quality you get with an ESI phone system, communication will be far more pleasant, smooth, and hassle-free.

Customer Interactions

So, we know that ESI can do wonders for communication within a company, but what about with customers? The speed and performance of an ESI system is sure to help these efforts as well. Typically, when a customer calls, they’re in search of quick, clear answers that deliver them the info they’re searching for. While it’s important that you monitor what you say to them so they get the message without confusion, equally important is the call quality. It starts with your prerecorded greeting having a clear sound and continues with your voice maintaining that same quality. The last thing you want is for your customer to deal with somebody’s voice cutting out or sounding distant. The call quality of ESI systems, combined with the exceptional service of RCI, will ensure that your customer is hearing you loud and clear so that no misunderstandings take place.

Not only do you need to have exceptional call quality when speaking to customers, but it’s also crucial that you make sure that your business has adequate lines and a system capable of handling high call volume. ESI’s eSIP Evolution Series is very fitting for these needs, as it is capable of growing along with your business. It offers great performance and flexibility in handling high call volume for businesses of any size. As your business grows and transforms, this ESI system will be right there along for the ride. The eSIP Evolution Series and ESI’s other systems are all sold and serviced by RCI.

Telecommunications Across Branches

Finally, let’s consider telecommunications across branches. If your business is one with multiple locations across different regions, you’re surely going to want call transfers to be a quick and easy process. With the simple and intuitive interface you get with an ESI phone, getting the call transferred to your location of choice will be no issue. Plus, with the reliability of ESI’s systems, you won’t be running into problems with the call reaching its destination.

We’ve established that effective communication is integral to a company’s everyday operations, and we’ve presented a truly robust solution in what RCI offers through its service and ESI phone systems.

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