Local IT Support Still Matters

The business world has been moving more and more toward a distributed workforce. And it makes sense. When a job can be done anywhere, business owners benefit from a much larger candidate pool and lower overhead costs. And employees can skip their morning commute and improve their work-life balance. But not all jobs can be remote. And if your business has a brick-and-mortar location, you’ll benefit from local IT support.

Why Trust a Local It Support Company?

Some may be skeptical of the idea that with all of the things that can be done remotely, IT support is something that shouldn’t be. I understand that skepticism.

Some IT tasks can just as easily be done online as in person. And honestly, even as a local IT company, there are times when we will offer remote support. Because if there’s something you can do via computer without hopping in the van, you should.

But what about the rest of the time?

Even if most of your IT support can be done remotely (which is unlikely), having support available for what can’t be is helpful.

Sometimes, you have a physical problem with a computer or telephone. While it’s true that you can mail the part to the large IT service proprietor in whatever state in which they’re operating, you’ll have to wait for them to diagnose the issue or send you a replacement device.

Replacement Devices Can Be a Pain

If you have items on your computer that you’re used to having access to, suddenly losing that can bring your productivity to a standstill or at least decrease your efficiency. Even if the item that broke is an IP telephone that is interchangeable with another, you still may not get the same model, which may cause functionality issues.

Local Presence, On-Site Local IT Support

Often if the problem with your IT equipment can’t be fixed remotely, it is physical. And some physical problems can be fixed relatively quickly.

For example, we once had a computer that kept shutting down. Our technicians quickly determined the issue was that the laptop was overheating. They replaced the fan, and the computer was fully functional again!

The worker who used that computer didn’t have to mail it to someone else or wait for a replacement part to come in. He didn’t have to spend hours on the phone walking through various useless scenarios. There was practically zero downtime.

That’s the value of local IT support.

Locals Understand Local Problems

There are problems that are common to geography, and being from an area can help you recognize them. Let’s start with a nontechnical example.

Anyone who has lived near the ocean for an extended period of time knows that ocean air corrodes car paint. So if you moved to Long Island after living landlocked your whole life, it might surprise you, but not the people there who work on cars.

At RCI, we know after a power outage, we will get a certain number of calls. This used to be more true than it is now. Lighting storms would knock out the power, and telephone systems would reset. Then everyone’s clock would be wrong.

That’s a simple issue, but there are countless other ones that we take for granted.

There’s Something About Face to Face

Local companies have a stake in the community. We care about our customers and want them to succeed. It’s a funny thing; when you have the possibility of running into someone at the grocery store at a chamber of commerce meeting, you’re a lot less likely to ignore a phone call!

We’re not saying that large, online-based IT companies would intentionally not give you service because they never have to see you. Still, there seems to be a psychological effect in the anonymity of never meeting a person that you don’t have to worry about local IT support.

We care about our customers and share this area with each other. But, we also understand that we’re an ecosystem, and helping our customers helps to improve the Roanoke Valley as a whole!

And the reverse is also true.

Supports Local Businesses and the Local Economy

When you support local businesses, including local IT companies, you’re keeping money in the community and keeping local citizens employed. According to Business Wire, nearly 70 percent of every dollar you spend on local businesses stays local. Contrast that with spending on a chain which is only forty percent.

RCI Has Been in Roanoke for Over Forty Years

RCI and its owners have supported the Roanoke community and its many businesses for almost fifty years. We’d love to add you to our list of happy customers. Let us show you firsthand the difference that local IT support can mean for your business.

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