Are cloud telephone systems safe and secure

Are Cloud Telephone Systems Safe?

One of the most common questions asked about the cloud is “Are Cloud Telephone Systems Safe?” The answer isn’t straight forward. There are different definitions of “safe” and there are different schools of thought for each of those definitions’ answers. Like most questions and answers it’s not yes or no. It’s more like a sliding […]

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Cloud FAQ

There are a lot of words in our field that aren’t well known outside of it. In any field, professionals have  a tendency to throw around words and sometimes not realize that not everyone know what they’re talking about. Below are several frequently asked questions about the cloud. In the comments, let us know what […]

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SIP Trunks

SIP trunk is one of the IT terms that doesn’t seem to have quite made it into general circulation yet. SIP trunks are the highway IP systems use to transport their phone traffic. You can think of a SIP trunk as a virtual phone line that travels over the internet. RCI provides SIP trunks as […]

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