Overhead Paging in Roanoke Virginia

Top Notch IT Service: Overhead Paging Road Trip

Overhead paging was the next technology that RCI got into after telephone systems. It was a natural outgrowth. Many existing customers wanted to be able to page through their phones. Since then, we’ve gotten into several other IT services, including computers and surveillance systems. But, in the meantime, paging’s popularity has somewhat fallen by the […]

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National businesses need IT subcontractors

Hiring IT Subcontractors

In April, I wrote about the importance of working with a local IT company.  But there’s another side to working with local companies – IT subcontractors. Living in a global community means that we are often working with people from all over the world. Whether that means getting a product imported, having coworkers in a […]

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Getting the technology you need can feel like searching your phone with a magnifying glass

Getting the Technology You Need (without What You Don’t)

Getting the Technology You Need (and Avoiding Killer Robots, etc.) Science fiction has an entire (arguably dominant) subgenre of stories about technology that has gone too far.  Think Terminator, Blade Runner and most recently, Severance. Severance follows the story of employees at a fictional corporation who have had their work self “severed” from their home […]

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