Getting the technology you need can feel like searching your phone with a magnifying glass

Getting the Technology You Need (without What You Don’t)

Getting the Technology You Need (and Avoiding Killer Robots, etc.) Science fiction has an entire (arguably dominant) subgenre of stories about technology that has gone too far.  Think Terminator, Blade Runner and most recently, Severance. Severance follows the story of employees at a fictional corporation who have had their work self “severed” from their home […]

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Support Local Business Sign with "Local Support You" beneath to demonstrate benefits of local IT service

4 Top Benefits of Local IT Services

What Are the Benefits of Local IT Services? IT services are notoriously varied in both scope and quality. That’s why everyone from your “tech savvy cousin” to national corporations offer their own take on IT. And because IT is so varied in its variety and definition, it can be difficult to compare one company’s service […]

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siri is one example of automation for small business or individual use

Automation for Small Business – 3 Easy Ways to Start Using it Now!

Automation for small business is often regarded as something to be feared. Prognosticators suggest that in the not-too-distant future, soldiers, doctors, and customer service reps will largely be replaced by robots and automation. Now that sounds like bad news, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of solutions out there for helping […]

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