Does Your Technology Work for You?

Telephone Systems and Computers Should be Easy to Use

Did you ever get a new product that comes with an instruction manual the size of a novel? Or have your computer tell you that it will shut down in 30 seconds to update so finish up what you’re doing? Did you ever have to buy storage to get your computer to work or turn off your cell phone so it can update but miss an important call while it was happening? For that matter, did you ever stop talking to a friend to read a meaningless alert from Twitter or Facebook?

Did you ever find yourself asking if your technology is working for you or you’re working for your technology?

We’ve all found ourselves on the wrong end of a technologically complex transaction. Technology can eat into our lives and our free time from our social media addiction to dealing with complex instructions and technical glitches. At home it costs us valuable time. At work it can cost time, money and even customers.

Technology Should Work For You

At RCI, our philosophy is that technology should work for you, not the other way around. That goes for both our products and our service.

These days, a lot of telephone companies will just throw the customers to the sharks. They sell a system and walk away. Some companies don’t even have local service.

RCI considers comprehensive training to be part of installation. Further, we don’t disappear after the sale of a telephone system. We continue to service systems for as long customers keep them.

Technicians Should Work For You

Technicians, like technology products should make your life easier, not more difficult. We don’t talk down to you for not knowing what we know. It’s our job to know what you don’t know! And good advice for everyone is, everyone knows something that you don’t.

Another issue with technology is despite it’s amazing leaps forward over the last two decades, often companies have a cookie cutter approach to their customers: We will sell you this product. This is how it works. This is how you use it.

A better approach is to ask a customer: How does your business work? What would make it work better? What do you like and not like about what you currently have?

We try to find out our customers needs and customize a product to meet those needs. We don’t tell you what you’re getting. You tell us what you want and we provide it.

To us, that’s a better approach. So what do you need from your technology?

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