Lower Your Phone Bill. Eat Cupcakes.

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If you’ve been following RCI’s social media accounts lately, you’d be forgiven for wondering if we were going into the baking business. You’d have found pictures and phrases like the one above.

Perhaps disappointingly we have not gone into selling sweets full time. But we do have some equally good news for businesses who might be looking to save money and simultaneously improve their telephone experience.

What’s the cost?

What are your phone expenses? You get a bill every month. But that’s not all your phone expenses consist of. You also have equipment costs. You may have paid for your phone system long ago but even so, you will probably still have to make repairs and changes…or live with nuisances that don’t stop you from working but certainly do slow you down.  Inefficiency is another cost – one that isn’t always easy to quantify. But when your workers are irritated, their motivation decreases.

How about maintenance?

Many companies just install phones and go, as we’ve detailed at this blog before. But even the companies that do maintain your equipment for life still charge for it. And unless you have a maintenance contract, those charges aren’t always predictable. Plus, if the system is older, parts are harder to find and maintenance costs will go up. That’s assuming it can still be provided at all.

Finally, you have your actual phone bill. On our most recent blog, Aaron wrote about extra costs associated with older phones and phone bills. Here’s another one: If you are still paying for long distance costs, you are being ripped off! Don’t put up with an erratic phone bill that you can’t fully predict from one month to the next.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew what your costs were going to be all the time and could save money in the process?

How Can I Help?

Allow me to introduce RCI’s Streamline Solution!

RCI is now offering a new program that will allow customers to sign up for telephone service through us that includes equipment and maintenance all for one low monthly fee. It is entirely predictable. No surprises. Because we provide everything as a service without you having to purchase equipment or pay for repairs, we’re calling it RCI’s Stream Line Solution.

In the past, to get the best telephone system features and technology, you had to buy new equipment. Now, RCI is providing it to you with your telephone service. Not only that, but we typically can price this at a rate lower than your phone bill and we guarantee we can price it at lower than your total monthly phone costs.


Our Stream Line Solution utilizes ESI’s newest telephone solution – the E-SIP, plus RCI’s technical expertise and world class service for an unbeatable product you won’t find anywhere else.

Stream Line Solution contracts come with call recording, email and cell phone integration and automatic call distribution without the normal charge to add special equipment or software services for these features. It’s all built in to your monthly phone bill.

Plus…you can get a cupcake

So what does this have to do with baked goods?

I’m glad you asked.

We are so confident that you will love our new package and that it will save you money that if Stream Line Solution won’t save you, I will personally deliver you an apology and a free cupcake.

No kidding.

Contact me at 540-563-2223 or send me an email at ageorgetti@rcitele.com and I will create a solution that works for you.

And, honestly, if you’re in it for the cupcake, when you sign up for a Streamline Solution…I’ll probably give you a cupcake anyway. Just ask. 😀


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