A Short Story From the RCI Archives

I heard an old, old story.


Once upon a time…

Everyone loves a little story here and there. We make sense of life through stories. We share them when we want to get a point across or lighten the mood. We read them to pass the time. With RCI having been in business for over 40 years, you can imagine the numerous stories people around our office have to tell. So, when coming up for an idea for our next blog post, we figured we’d share one of these stories with our readers!

Bad experiences, funny memories

If you’ve ever bought a product or service of any kind, chances are very good that you’ve had a bad experience of some sort. Incorrect orders at a restaurant, missing pieces to a furniture set, defective electronics, half-finished work by mechanics, you name it. These situations are no fun while they’re taking place, but they tend to make for a good laugh when you look back at them months and years later.

It’s fixed! Oh, wait…

Picture this. We’re taken back to the 1970’s and RCI owner and president, John Whitcomb, was staying at a hotel since he was working on a job nearby. The owners of this hotel knew John had knowledge of phone systems. They made him aware of an issue they were having with their own phone lines. After looking into it, John saw that it was a phone company problem and called this phone company out there. Once their technicians arrived, the problem was fixed in no time. Or so they thought. The very next day, the same problem popped up on a different phone line. Why was this problem occurring again you might ask? It was actually quite simple. The phone company had simply switched the bad line from one phone to another instead of truly fixing it. Their service left a lot to be desired, but it makes for a good chuckle in hindsight.

Not with RCI…

While we have those stories to tell within the company, we don’t want these types of stories to be about RCI’s service quality! RCI’s service department has maintained the same standard of quality over generations, and our technicians work tirelessly to make sure any issue you have is solved the first time. Unlike the phone company in the story, RCI won’t cut corners and do temporary fixes on your phone system. Our technicians are smart enough to do more than switch out one cable with another.

Let’s all remember that pushing the problem off to something or somebody else is never the permanent fix to your issue. But thankfully, we have these instances of poor service to laugh at and learn from so the action isn’t repeated in the future. I guess there’s something to be said for those companies that help us other companies know how not to do business.

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