3 Ways Your Phones Are Losing You Money and How to Stop It

Have you counted the cost?

Should I phone a friend or walk away with the money?

Your telephone system is an integral part of your business, but so are your finances. A business shouldn’t have to choose between the two. Unfortunately, many have been put in such a situation for a wide variety of reasons. The only thing accomplished here is that the company is held back. Below we will outline examples of this and the ways phones can cause you to lose money.

Accepting an ever-increasing monthly phone bill

Often, businesses are met with a phone bill that has drastically increased once a promotional period has expired. Instead of seeking more cost-effective options, most of the time this increase is accepted despite how much it can put a strain on the budget. However, with a little research done, chances are that you’ll find another company that will meet your needs for less money.

Paying for voicemail

There are a number of businesses with older phone systems that lack voicemail as a default feature. For such companies, voicemail is treated as an add-on, driving up monthly fees.  With that, they spend hundreds more dollars annually for something that could be pre-included if they were using a more up-to-date phone system. A purchase of these new systems will prevent you from shelling out the big bucks every month for what is today a common and expected feature.

Age of your phone system and its maintenance costs

Another common oversight is the age of a phone system. With older phone systems come more issues that require maintenance, and therefore require more money spent. Many of the common issues found in older models have been smoothed out in the newest phone systems, keeping service calls to a minimum as time goes on.

Ways that money can be better used

          After all that money is saved, just think of the ways your business can put that saved money to good use. Depending on how much you save, perhaps you could give your employees that raise they’ve been clamoring for. Maybe pay for that super cool flashy neon sign or new fluffy office chairs you’ve been wanting. You could finally get your Internet speeds running halfway decent. And of course that money could be added into the budget for when your intern accidentally orders 400 units instead of 40. Allowing RCI to lower your monthly phone bill will keep your business from being held back by costly phone service and maintenance. Give us a call or comment below to get the ball rolling!

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