RCI is thankful for easy-to-use technology products

Easy-to-Use Technology Products is 1 Thing We’re Thankful For

A few years ago, RCI put out a Thanksgiving blog. It’s one of my personal favorites. That blog focused on the many things RCI employees and owners were thankful for that year. Today, we’re going to combine that spirit with a little bit of the nature of the following day to tell you about what we’re thankful for more from a product perspective. Because one of the things we’re grateful for is easy-to-use technology products!

Products That Work For You

It’s easy to complain about technology. Like the weather, it constantly changes and will never defend itself. But it also makes sense why people get frustrated with their tech products.

No one wants to feel like they have to get a degree in engineering before they use a new software program or make a phone call. For that reason, I know some people who still use cell phones that are a half step away from flip phones!

You don’t want to work for your technology. You want it to work for you.

Products That Work For Us

RCI always selects easy-to-use technology products. Our top concern with all of our products is quality. Number two is the ease of use.

We know what it’s like to run a small business. Making a phone call shouldn’t be difficult. Searching for a date on your camera’s NVR should be simple. Small companies want easy-to-use technology products!

But our focus on easy-to-use technology products isn’t just altruistic. We do care about our customers, but the ease of use helps us too!

Happy to Help…When You Need it

If you can use your products, that means a few things. Number one, you’ll be happy that we recommended them. Happy customers are repeat customers! And satisfied customers refer more customers.

But there’s also more to it. For example, you have fewer trouble calls when we sell easy-to-use technology products.

Trouble Calls

You might think as an IT company, RCI loves trouble calls! After all, fixing business technology is our business. Well, yes and no.
As much as we appreciate the business, we want to fix things that actually need fixing. When someone calls us to fix a user error, that’s not good for anyone.

The customer just needed to pay for a service call for something that wasn’t broken and was probably worked out in a matter of minutes. Of course, that leaves the customer unhappy.

RCI wants happy customers! And we would prefer to focus on selling Easy-to-Use technology products that are high quality rather than waste your time and money on explaining why something isn’t broken.

Products That WORK

Of course, ease of use is excellent, but only if the products work. You want your phone systems and other business technology products to work for you, not the other way around. That’s why we select dependable manufacturer partners.

These products are backed up by the manufacturer, so we can replace them if we have a problem. Not only that, but you know that because RCI is part of a dealer network, if we were to be struck from the face of the earth suddenly, another company could step in to service your systems.

Easy-to-Use Technology Products

Consumer technology is all about the latest and greatest. Apple users are notorious for their willingness to wait in line for the newest iteration of the iPhone.

Business technology is different.

Bells and whistles are great, but only if they’re intuitive. No business owner or manager wants to have to slow down to understand how something works. Worse, they don’t want their employees to have an excuse to.

Every product requires some training. That’s why RCI includes training in all of our system installs. Because if you don’t know how to use the product, the job isn’t complete!

But training should end pretty quickly. For example, when we sell you a new telephone system, we install it, program it, and then spend a few hours teaching everyone how to use it.

We’re still available after the initial training to answer questions and make programming changes when you realize something isn’t as helpful as you imagined. But that period ends reasonably quickly.

The same applies to surveillance systems, access control, and everything we sell.

What If You Like the Nitty Gritty?

That’s not to say that we don’t have anything for you if you’re a techie. We have a few levels of training. Most of our clients prefer RCI to be their IT company, but some companies have an IT department.

For companies with an IT department, you can go to town learning all about the administrative abilities of all the products we sell. The important thing is – you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


As thankful as we are for easy-to-use technology products, that doesn’t mean we’re not grateful for the same things we said in our first blog. We’re still a family company that values people, and the employees at RCI appreciate that.

And we’re also thankful for you, our customers.

Thanks for reading!

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