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DCJS License: Why It’s Vital for Surveillance System Contractors

If you’ve ever purchased or looked into security or surveillance systems for your business, you’ve probably come across the phrases DCJS License or DCJS Certified. And if you haven’t gotten super serious in the selection process yet, you may wonder what those letters mean and why they matter.

Fear not! Today (the ironically named considering the rest of this sentence), RCI will decode the alphabet soup of DCJS certification, define it, and explain why it matters. Spoiler alert: Hiring someone without can get you into trouble in more ways than one.

What is the DCJS?

The DCJS is the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice. It has several responsibilities that all fall under the banner of crime and safety.

In general, the DCJS is responsible for many aspects of Virginia’s criminal justice system. It provides long-term planning for justice standards and reform and monitors crime statistics throughout the state. The DCJS also licenses many professionals in or adjacent to the criminal justice system.

For this blog, the DCJS certifies security professionals, from security guards and private investigators to sellers of surveillance and alarm systems.

What Is DSJS Certified?

While the certification standards vary from one DCJS-licensed profession to another, for our blog, we’ll stick to the sales, installation, and service of cameras and other surveillance equipment.

To be DCJS-licensed as a security equipment professional, an individual must complete coursework and remain current on current safety standards and practices regarding surveillance equipment. In addition, for a business to be DCJS certified, they must have an individual who monitors compliance of the staff who work on or sell said equipment.

To receive a DCJS certification, individuals must also pass a background check to prove they are not involved in criminal activities.

Why Should You Select Professionals with a DCJS License

Now that you have an idea of what the DCJS is and what it means to have a DCJS license, the next question is, does it matter to you? The answer is if you’re hiring a surveillance professional, most definitely.

Here’s why.


While DIY can be appealing, you don’t want to fool around when it comes to protecting your people and property. Companies that have undergone DCJS certification have received the proper training to work with the equipment they sell and install.

They are also monitored by the DCJS and meet their standards for security professionals. They will be up to date on best practices and are pledged to adhere to them.


In Virginia, anyone who works in the sale and service of surveillance equipment is legally required to be licensed with the DCJS. In other words, it’s not just a “nice to have.” Selling or servicing equipment without a license is illegal.

And knowingly hiring someone who’s not licensed through the DCJS can get the hirer into trouble, too.


Does everyone have a bit of a rebel in them? Sure. But you don’t want people who break and break the rules installing the security equipment you’re using to catch people who break the rules!

If someone is trying to get away with selling equipment they’re legally not allowed to, what makes you think they wouldn’t mind skirting some other ethical lines? Allowing someone who’s shown that kind of disrespect to the law is irresponsible for the safety of your business

Insurance Considerations

Finally, if you end up in an unfortunate situation that requires you to need your surveillance system, you’ll be glad you hired a DCJS-certified professional. Besides the fact that your security footage is more likely to be helpful if your equipment was installed correctly if your equipment is faulty, you’re in a much better position with your insurance if you hired the right company.

Insurance companies want to see that you did your due diligence in the aftermath of a theft or injury. If the equipment doesn’t work for one reason or another, but you hired a reputable licensed company, they’ll see that you did the right thing. If you hire a contractor who is illegally selling equipment, that can potentially affect your claim.

Always Hire a DCJS Licensed Contractor

There are always bad actors (or even well-meaning ones) willing to give you a lower price outside the confines of the standard system. But you can’t corners with the safety of your business and the people who work there.

Always hire a DCJS-licensed installer for the sales, service, and installation of your surveillance system. Not only will it protect you from poor workmanship, but it will also protect you from the liability of hiring someone who’s breaking the law and from breaking the law yourself.

RCI is a DCJS-licensed professional surveillance company. Contact us for any of your surveillance needs or questions.

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