Customer Service Matters

Customer Service Doesn’t Have to Be a Misnomer

Let’s talk about customer service.

My department is customer relations. That’s what I do – relate to customers. I’m in a technical field but what I really do is talk to people.

Sometimes I’m amazed by how many people in how many fields don’t take the time to do that.

A few years ago switched banks when I was treated poorly by my previous one. It hadn’t been my bank for long. I left 2 messages with their service department about a very specific problem and it was ignored. Partly as a result of this I got two fees. One was taken care of immediately. The second I was told by a phone rep would be taken care of shortly but had to be done at my local branch.

I went to my local bank and in short, it wasn’t.

All of this is one thing but the event that drove me over the edge and to another institution was the day I tried to walk in at 5. I was accustomed to going into a bank with an indoor ATM I could use after closing. As I got there some other people were walking outside and I began to walk in. An employee blocked the door and said “We’re closed.” But she said it with the delivery of someone saying “The baptism water is not for bathing.”

I was spoken to like I was both stupid and a problem.

I’m at a new bank now. Nothing’s perfect but they treat me like a person, not an obstacle.

I’m consistently amazed by the people who are appreciative of the smallest things. The best example of this is continuing to service equipment.

My first customer came to me because the company who sold him his phones told him they wouldn’t service them anymore. If he wanted repairs, he’d have to buy a new system.

Well he did buy a new system – from me.

If you treat your customers like people, they’ll appreciate you for it and they might just stay your customers.

Plus it’s the right thing to do.

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