1 Covid Solution in the New Normal

How We Can Help with Pandemic Safety

Is your company checking temperatures? Do you wish it was? What about masks?We’re all looking for Covid Solutions. A few days ago some grown men were yelling at a teenage girl outside Target for stating the store policy was to wear masks and offering free ones. Not a fun situation to be in. But, here we are… Like it or not, this is the new normal. But maybe we can make it a little easier on you?

My last two blogs were written in March and both were Covid 19 related. Little did I know that I would be furloughed for four months only to immediately return to writing another Covid related post!

Yes, it’s true that the pandemic isn’t getting any better. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your employees and customers safe. You just need a little ingenuity and some new technology!

5D Thermal Reader – A Covid Solution for Safety and Compliance


How Can We Help? Access Control

Many businesses are currently facing the issues I described above. Business owners want to comply with the mandates put in place but don’t want to have conflict with customers. In addition, if you work in a business that requires temperature checks and other safety measure each morning, this takes time and manpower.

RCI is proud to introduce the newest product offer from ESI, the 5D thermal reader.

This product solves several safety concerns.

First, as an access reader, it has all of the usual features. You can use the reader to remotely let in or prevent access to a building. When someone comes to the door, they can hit the dial button to reach an employee who can then choose to buzz the person in.

Secondly, employees can use an ID card to enter the building. The machine also has facial recognition that matches faces to employee information. Access readers can allow certain personnel into different areas based on a schedule or as a general rule.

What’s Special in Regard to Covid Solutions?

More specific to our current situation, the reader, using the same facial recognition technology it uses to identify employees can also determine if the face it is scanning is wearing a mask. If a non-employee tries to enter a restricted area, that’s the end. No entry. But if it’s a general entry area, it can still prevent someone from entering until a mask is worn. If there is a misunderstanding, an employee can speak to the person through the built in speaker explaining the situation.

Finally, the thermal reader has one additional feature that can keep a space save and save time. It can scan the forehead and check temperature. Scanner can be set to not admit anyone who reads over a certain temperature.

Covid Solution Compliance

The last way the thermal reader can save you time and money is it’s built in record keeping. All information about entries and attempted entries are saved in a database. So employers and managers can keep track of when people are registering with a fever and other important factors. If you need to do this to be in compliance with a client or a local ordinance, our product makes it easy.

If you like the sound of this, give us a call! Ask any questions below.

Quick Update: Since this blog was written back in August we’ve had a lot more to say about Covid. Be sure to check out our other Covid Solution related blogs like our March Blog on Telecommuting from March 2020 and our January 2021 Blog  4 Mistakes Companies Make with Telework.

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