4 Reasons to Upgrade Now (and Cut Costs)

Why Upgrade Now?

Everything is cyclical. Life, fashion, health, nature, seasons and business. You may have heard in a religious text or a 60s pop song that “to everything there is a season.” We’re currently taking an ironic turn (turn, turn) as while nature is entering it’s spring, the economy has just entered a winter of sorts. So why upgrade now?

Following the Order of the Seasons

When we follow the natural order of things, each season has a natural rythm and function. Spring is of course a time for growth. The thing about winter is it’s a time for resting and regrouping. In cultures that live closer to nature, this is a time to be more still and think about what’s coming next. It’s a time to use what you have and take stock of what you need and what you should do next. It’s a time to be still and make oneself warm. 

So in this economic winter, when your business is not out planting seeds or reaping profits, what is it that your business has put in storage and what can your business do to better keep itself warm and prepare for the planting season?  Before I let the metaphor die, how will you make sure your business is ready to plant in the spring?

Depending what business you’re in, things may have slowed down a bit for you. Perhaps there are some projects you’ve put on hold that it’s time to dust off. It’s a great time to start thinking about infrastructure.

For communication, that means your telephone system, computer and wireless networks and more. In my last blog, I pointed out ways we could help companies telework right now. And if you’re system is a decade old, acting up, or has a bunch of names of people who don’t work at your company any longer, now is a great time to thinking about upgrading.

Why Now?

Why is it a good time to upgrade?

  • What else are you doing? If you have fewer employees working and less work coming in, now is a great time to go over the details of something complex you might not have time to think about when your business is super busy.
  • Saving money. New technology will always save you money in the long but many of our choices will save you money in the short term! Our Stream line solution typically offers instant savings on for our customers. You lower your monthly bill and you get newer equipment with better features!

Which brings us to…

  • It will allow your business to remain operational. If you are trying to figure out how to best keep your employees active and helping your business, new telephone systems make telework much easier. 
  • Less Disruption – RCI always does our best to make the transition to a new technology as seamless as possible. We offer training and minimize or eliminate downtime. But learning something new always takes some time. Wouldn’t it be best to learn something new and transition while your business isn’t at struggling to keep up with demand? 

Nobody likes when outside events change our plans. But we do a lot better when we are able to roll with the seasons and adjust to the weather. Winter is the time to prepare for the spring. And now is the time to prepare for the new customers who will be ready to get back to you once self-isolation and shelter in place is over. 

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