We Still Sell Digital Phone Systems (Nothing Wrong with the Classics)

It’s Alright to Be Old School!

Some Vinyl Records (being compared to Digital Phone Systems)

Digital Phone Systems are like Vinyl


There’s a certain kind of client. You know the type. Perhaps you are one. Someone who listens to old time rock n’roll or classic country on vinyl. Someone who prefers Pacman to Call of Duty. The type of client who has a car with an antique license plate. Someone who likes to do business face to face. It’s the type of person who may begrudgingly use social media as a business tool, but has no use for it personally. Are you like that in one or all ways. Are you…old school?

At RCI, we love clients who are old school.

Now you might be asking yourself, what does technology have to do with being old school? Don’t the two not go together? The answer is, not necessarily.

Digital Phone Systems: Proven Technology That Still Works

As I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past, RCI does not force upgrades. We have clients who have an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it approach.” But we also have clients who really like the way old technology works.

How so?

Much phone technology today goes over the internet. Both VOIP and cloud telephone systems use the internet to deliver at least some part of the service. As I’ve mentioned before, for some people the security and reliability sacrifices that the internet introduces to a company’s telephone system are not acceptable.

These clients are old school.

What does old school mean when it comes to telephone systems?

Well, first off, let me tell you what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t have to mean old  broke-down equipment. It doesn’t have to mean lack of features. It means digital technology – the same technology that was the basis of phone systems for 4 decades. It’s tried and true. It’s classic. It’s old school.

New Equipment That’s Still a Classic

There are a few manufacturers that still make top of the line digital telephone equipment. One of them is ESI, our manufacturer partner. If you want a new phone system with bells and whistles, we can provide it. Further if you don’t care about it being brand new, we have some excellent refurbished rental options available. (And as a side note, if rental doesn’t appealing to you, consider it comes with maintenance and then ask yourself a question: When is the last time you made money off of reselling old office equipment when you replaced it. But I digress…) Digital technology is solid. It still works and the reliability and sound quality can’t be beat.

*Now here, I must provide a disclaimer. It will be familiar to those who’ve spoken to me and to regular blog readers. Although I am currently touting the benefits of digital technology, we have no problem with IP technology. There are situations in which any technology can be best choice and we will do our best to advise you what is best for you. But we will also take your preferences and proclivities into account.

Some clients want old school because they don’t trust the internet or need an extra layer of security. Some people want digital phone systems because they don’t work somewhere with reliable internet. Some clients prefer better sound quality. And some people just like it better.

So if you’re old school, we can accommodate.

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